DESCRIPTION: Produced by the most cultivated and famous variety, Chardonnay. Served at 7-10C and is paired better with food as fish, seafood, sushi vegetables, etc..

INGRIDIENTS : Grapes Chardonnay

TIP: Store in a cool place.

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The most popular white wine on earth is produced by Lorson Winery in a different range of techniques and bringing the wine in another level of taste. This full body wine with a moderate alcohol and acidity, shows slight notes of lemon and pineapple. Like all white wines, Chardonnay is served at around 7 – 10 Celsius degrees and it pears best with delicate fish, cheese, shellfish or white chicken meat. If you don’t finish the bottle, replace the cork, put in the fridge and enjoy the flavors for 3-4 other days.


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