Double 32

DESCRIPTION: Is made by infusing herbs, berries and peels, matured together for months. This liqueur is sweetened with sugar syrup and can be served neat after meals, in cocktails or over ice.

INGRIDIENTS : Alcohol, sugar syrup, aromatic extract (Cloves, Cinnamon, Mint, Orange peels, blueberry), caramelized sugar.

TIP: Stored in a cool place.

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Double 32 is produced by 32 herbs, fruit and spices macerated in a 32 % alcohol by volume solution and matured with oak chips. It has a sweeter taste and the color is made with caramel. The combination of blueberry, orange peels, cloves and all the other ingredients gives the perfect flavor to Double 32. This drink is served neat in a shot glass or in cocktails combined with many other beverages.


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